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At present, China has entered a period of industrial restructuring and reform of the new deepwater normality. After the experience of nearly 20 years of development, logistics and supply chain management, what problems still exist in the future will go? Hereinafter, the author from academia, business, government three angles of logistics and supply chain management problems in the development were analyzed and discussed.
Thinking academia faces
First, logistics and supply chain management concept of cognitive problems. Prior to 2001, China's understanding and interpretation of the concept of logistics and supply chain management can be described as flourishing, People's Republic of China National Standard GB logistics terminology timely publication / T18354-2001 become rid of strife and cognitive academic norms of the legal basis, adaptation the need for rapid development of the logistics industry and with international standards. But with the development of logistics and supply chain management practices, these connotations, extension and basic cognitive terminology standards have undergone great changes, such as logistics concept, the functional elements of distribution and warehousing, transportation and other parallel is appropriate; in the concept of supply chain, the business community would have it from the enterprise manufacturing and product distribution processes cognitive level rose to the cognitive level of the platform, the supply chain has no concept of the so-called upstream and downstream, but a pan-platform application and management. Thus, for 15 years has enabled the national standard terminology to sort out the logistics, then cognitive and redefined the academic responsibility.
Second, the disconnect between theory and practice. In China, the theoretical study on logistics and supply chain are substantially lagging behind the practice, which is consistent with the theoretical development trend of the world, such as QR, ECR, VMI, etc., by the first practice of business applications, only after in-depth study in which academic theoretical implications. On the other hand, most of our theory for practice is not strong, or that is out of line with the practice of scholars should be self-reflection. Research inventory management, for example, theoretical research and analysis from operations research, game theory, and many other angles can be described as voluminous papers, but for industry knowledge and applications are rare, theoretical research scholars basically become self-entertainment from the music theory sand barrier, lack of foundation, lack of practicality, can not be recognized by the business community.
Third, knowledge, theoretical system, discipline based on the unity issue. Currently, the creation of logistics-related professional colleges and universities throughout the country. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 300 colleges and universities set up logistics-related professionals, these professionals are present at various colleges and universities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (or college), Department of Industrial Engineering (or college), Department of Transportation (or college), e-commerce Department (or college), College of management, School of economics, etc., the curriculum system and standards vary, fragmented, dreams of a common phenomenon, the lack of a unified national system of knowledge, as well as the theoretical system of the basic requirements. This situation is an urgent need to come up with countermeasures to academic change.
Thinking business community
Penetration and understanding of supply chain management is not complete. Currently in China, based on real supply chain management for the operation of the supply chain is almost none. I ask how much the presence of the supply chain information sharing mechanism on information networks? How many companies do not exploit their core suppliers? Which supply chain node enterprises are willing to accept the loss of their own to get the optimal performance of the whole supply chain? ...... It can be said that China's current supply chain business only structure, almost no supply chain management, and some simply on downstream trading relationship.
Brutal price competition in the field of logistics and supply chain, have occurred even as the bloodshed in the region to safeguard their own interests arise. Fully free market economy, such violence is incompatible with the trend of social development. Companies need is to use their good service to seize the market, the logistics arm themselves with the latest technological means the process to create and provide value added services for customers. As for the problem of the return journey of the load, appear on the market a lot of APP application, the use of network technology for vehicles and cargo automatically match and grab one embodiment, this is the inevitable trend of logistics and supply chain management development.
Corporate credit and conscience. Companies need to develop, the pursuit of profit is normal, but not devoid of conscience and lose faith. But at this stage many enterprises in China's credit worrying, as is often exposed the express industry chaos, it's just the logistics industry has been clawed a small window. In addition, with serious problems of air quality appears, logistics enterprises should have a sense of social responsibility, take the initiative to use technology to reduce emissions of air pollution, emissions of non-compliance of the vehicle to transform or direct elimination.
Considerations for Public Administration
How the supply side reforms in the areas of logistics and supply chain implementation? At the macro level, China's logistics costs have been high, reason is mainly the government's administrative measures in order to fine host, highway toll and extensive corporate management. Such as Shenzhen, have begun phasing highway toll in the city, which is the supply-side reforms to reduce logistics costs model.
China's logistics and supply chain of many companies are looking to cut logistics and supply chain, supply chain and logistics company formed enterprise, this should be a development trend in the future, and these two types of enterprises have already formed their own operating characteristics and business group. Requiring government departments to come up with appropriate countermeasures, these two types of enterprise defined, culminating in enterprise reporting, tax relief, statistics and other fields to achieve the two segments, but also conducive to the logistics and supply chain management development of.
National Science and Technology Management Research Projects department also has greatly improved with the improvement. Such as the 2016 "973" pause "863", and launched six new initiatives to reform science and technology program, which is a good start. I think, in Research Projects logistics and supply chain management, it is more important to emphasize joint research institutions and enterprises. Because of logistics and supply chain management is having a highly practical operation of the field, if only to send articles, limited enhance the role of the overall level of China's logistics industry


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