Broken cold chain rely on to continue? Chinese cold chain development problem?

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China Logistics News: Why all resources are very abundant supply and demand situation in China cold chain has not been developed? Some experts believe that because of the cold chain industry started late, but the pace of development of China never lower than most emerging industries "Shenzhen speed"; Some people believe that there is no standardized system to establish and improve the cold chain, but it can not be justified.
Last week, the Guangxi Beibu Gulf seafood catch 120 tons of cold chain Trains from the station of Fangchenggang in Guangxi to Beijing dahongmen station, realized the seafood cold chain in Guangxi to Beijing train normalization opening line, railway train let Beijingers eat cold chain cheap north Bay seafood.
Currently, the author is involved in rail transport, light trucks and high-speed rail passenger transformation project planning and long Ji-Hun railway 俄罗斯扎鲁比诺 Harbour. After the completion of the project, cheap railways cold chain also allow consumers to eat cheap Beijing Sea seafood.
The world the concept of the "cold chain" should not be unfamiliar, from food safety to drug safety are inseparable from the cold chain, cold chain is warehousing, transportation and distribution in certain low-temperature environment, and to ensure that agricultural products, food, pharmaceuticals and biological products quality, but such a simple question, but recently expressed frequently cold chain, cold chain in the end how the Chinese?
Time to count to 2008 Olympic all-round development of cold chain started cold chain has been in China for eight years, long enough time to develop; by economic strength, China has become the world's second total global economy, 2015 GDP up to 67.67 trillion yuan, run the cold chain adequate economic environment; according to spending power, the 2015 total retail sales of consumer goods amounted to 30.1 trillion yuan, Japan, the world's GDP ranked third in the country far more than just spending on and the luxury goods market accounted for 46% of global spending, reaching $ 116.8 billion. Also, if you press the cold chain applications accounted for the largest share of the fresh produce market is calculated, only fresh electricity providers deal size reached 56 billion yuan, with fresh electricity providers accounted for 10% of the market share estimates, in 2015 fresh food consumption the amount should be more than 500 billion yuan, a strong pull rapidly growing demand for cold chain; from the investment capability, the 2015 national investment in fixed assets reached 55 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.0% over the previous year, capital investment in cold chain conditions are ripe; press cold chain market return on investment, is expected to 2020, annual output value of the global cold chain market reached $ 271.9 billion, the return of cold chain market investment prospects.
Various statistics show that China's cold chain is no reason not develop, but the actual situation is difficult to be optimistic. The IOT statistical data show that in 2015 our fruits and vegetables, meat, aquatic products cold chain circulation rates were 10%, 26% and 38%, while Japan and South Korea national cold chain circulation rates on agricultural products and fruits and vegetables were 95% and 98%, significant legislation gap therebetween. Although China's per capita GDP is only $ 8280, but the establishment of the per capita income of agricultural products cold chain system complete than the original time and a lot of these European countries, showing the proportion of Chinese cold chain logistics is too low cause of the problem is not here.
Why all resources are very abundant supply and demand situation in China cold chain has not been developed? Some experts believe that because of the cold chain industry started late, but the pace of development of China never lower than most emerging industries "Shenzhen speed"; Some people believe that there is no standardized system to establish and improve the cold chain, but it can not be justified. Although more than 200 cold chain logistics in China, due to fragmentation, the industry sector were more difficult to develop a unified standard, but before the establishment of the European Union, European cold chain standards is fragmented, diverse, and China National Standardization Committee specs compare high, cold chain each link has a corresponding standard, unified standards were also substantial; also stated that because the government is not enough for food safety supervision, the Chinese government promulgated the "food safety law" in the world should be the most severe punishment ; it was also said insufficient level of information, but the United States and Europe had a complete cold chain system from the Internet when it rise another 30 years time and space; the most ridiculous argument is insufficient Chinese urban concentration, population density can not support the cold chain consumption, however, only Beijing would focus on a few million people - more than the population of Canada; some people believe that the majority of the cold chain link by the manufacturer, processors and retailers their own operations, third-party cold chain logistics business is difficult to cultivate, the SF express the beginning of the establishment of cold transport division, the only pharmaceutical cold chain end target is 400 million yuan.
Therefore, these problems are not so-called cold chain is a key element missing.
In March this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 10 ministries jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the construction of logistics short board to promote effective investment and consumer spending", the author said in an interview talking about, "opinions" on the "logistics short board "generalizations sharp and to the point, but the proposed solution no one can really landing. Agricultural products cold chain, for example, according to the famous "bucket theory", because of the cold chain "missing link", so that the majority of high input on individual aspects of the cold chain Once the short board will make the entire system low returns or even negative returns .
Meanwhile, the cold chain infrastructure and uneven structure is irrational, cold chain system once formed, it is prone to "missing link." In fresh electricity providers, for example, although fresh agricultural products since the frequent trading result in the formation of a strong and customer retention high attractiveness, high-margin, booming emerging markets, but in fact fresh electricity providers net profit is very low, according to incomplete statistics, cold chain transportation costs accounted for more than 40% of the cost, leading domestic appliance business only 1% of 4000 earnings, 95% of fresh electricity providers are in a "loss leader" status.
Due to the longer produce from the origin to the consumer distribution chain system, a huge cold chain system, a single enterprise is difficult to independently cover the entire cold chain, the emergence of the "tragedy of the commons." For Agriculture Products Cold Chain links in the field picking either pre-cooling, primary processing of pre-cooling, cold storage and cold transport or convergence at the "cold tally zone", will be because ownership of multi-agent "tragedy of the commons", resulting in no enterprise but only willing to invest in the use, thereby increasing the investment at the break part of the weakening and finally evolved to fulfill the cold chain system "tragedy."
It seems the core issues clearly point to the investors dislocation cold chain infrastructure. Europe and the United States on the country's public finance investment few, cautious, but in agricultural products cold chain infrastructure investment has to take all or most of the way by the country's public financial investment. And in recent years, China Rail-based construction aspects of spare no effort to invest, even in this area of ​​investment companies should also be borne by the government-led reform, such as incentives for technological innovation and policy on subsidies for new energy, new materials , but most should invest in low regard by the public finance cold chain infrastructure investment, resulting in the relevant industry overcapacity.
In the country as a whole cold chain capacity of 37 million tons, 90,000 vehicles shipped cold conditions, the presence of the current cold chain development issues: get together and repeating the construction of part of the cold storage, cold chain and social infrastructure is a serious absence. Current individual enterprises to invest in cold chain infrastructure is only focused on the short supply chain, you can cover all aspects of the cold chain, cold chain drugs or supported by high profit margins and promote the common cold chain infrastructure. The global cold chain infrastructure investment and the "missing link" in connection only increase the country's public financial investment, which may inspire others to follow only served to invest in high-yield fast cold chain links, which allow the rapid development of China's lack of cold chain stand up.


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